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Applications With Confidence.

Learn to write incredible scholarship and college essays; learn how to find the best scholarships.

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ScholarLinQ was built alongside the top college admissions and scholarship evaluators, navigators, and essay writers.

Let's get on the same page so you understand how to use ScholarLinQ!

By students. For students.

Simple steps.

We have broken down every part of the process into simple, smaller components. Each section has a short video that explains exactly what students need to do with a workstation along-side each video.

Save and reuse.

We keep everything organized so students you don't have to. Anytime you have a new idea or essay section. just save a new note. Save your hard-work and reuse it on as many applications as possible.

We teach differently.

Our content was rebuilt 13 times and counting. It isn't about overloading students with information, it is about focusing on what gets them results. Students never have to guess on what you have to do.

Your timing is right.

We extend the impact of your incredible teachers because students have our step-by-step support all day, every day. Let's tackle the equity problem together, right now.